Monday, April 21, 2008

Education Incentives and the Next Governor

The N.C. Family Policy Council has posted its 2008 Primary Voter Guide online.

In the gubernatorial part of the guide, Democratic frontrunners Purdue and Moore did not respond to the 17 question survey; Dennis Neilsen did, though his reponses were very close to the Republican consensus.

Among the five Republicans, there was little disagreement until question 11 -- "Should parents who choose to educate their children in private, religious, or home schools receive a voucher or tax credit from the state?"

Phil Graham wrote in, "Should be a deduction not a credit". Pat McCrory said yes, Bob Orr was undecided, and Fred Smith attached a statement supporting a more general statement of his educational platform:

At this time, I support the removal of the cap on Charter Schools. Charter Schools are public schools and offer parents a choice in the education of their children. I also support home schooling and believe that children who are home schooled should be allowed to participate in public school activities. I believe competition in our educational system is critical for future success.
The other difference was the final question, "Should an individual's personal religious beliefs influence the decisions he or she makes while serving in a public office?"

Fred Smith certainly thought they should. "My personal religious belief influences my worldview and values. I do not check my values and beliefs at the door when I enter the public square," he wrote. "As a public servant, I consider all factors: faith, the rule of law, and common good for all people in my decision making process."

Pat McCrory gave a shorter answer, "The values that I learned from my faith, family, education, and experiences all helped shape my decisions."

Bob Orr marked "Yes" but added, " 'Should' is not the word I'd use. Instead I'd say it's 'permissable or appropriate'." E. Powers was undecided, stating, "I will rely on moral values trust/faith in God".

Bill Graham simply checked, "No".

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