Thursday, January 19, 2006

Devotions with the Boys

Evening devotions were reading from Psalm 17, and I was pointing out to the boys the blessings of knowing God and the hope of eternity in heaven. I mentioned that if we've trusted Christ here, we'll spend forever in heaven with God, Jesus, and His angels, and we'll meet the godly people who have gone before -- Martin Luther, J.S. Bach, ...

"And Roy Rogers?" asked Seth, 5.

"Yes, I feel pretty secure that Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are both in heaven now," I said.

"I've seen Martin Luther," said David, 3.

"No, those were actors pretending to be Martin Luther so they could tell his story. Martin Luther died before there were pictures." We really like the old b&w Martin Luther film.

I turned to the gospel of Mark and started the second reading on the schedule.

"We'll meet Martin Luther's friends ..."

"Yes, we'll meet his friends, but we're not talking about Martin Luther now, David."

I read another verse.

"I know what Martin Luther wore ..."

"Yes, David, but this isn't about Martin Luther, this is the gospel of Mark."

Another verse ...

"I wonder what Martin Luther ate ... "

I cut the reading a little short this evening.

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