Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Speaking at HOME

Melanie and I had the opportunity to speak at a meeting of the HOME support group -- Homes Offering Meaningful Education -- in Fayetteville this week.  Good friend and fellow board member Sandi Crosmun had asked us months ago if we could come, and not knowing the timing of this week's chicken pox epidemic, we said certainly. 

Well, thankfully, our oldest son is a fully-qualified and very capable babysitter, and since HOME asked if we would do our presentation on "Strengthening the Homeschooling Marriage", which we've done quite a few times and already revised once -- it didn't take a great deal of new preparation in the midst of the spots. 

We got a very warm welcome and many thanks from a good-sized group -- I counted 53, about a third of them men, which is an encouraging turnout for a local group.  Many thanks to Sandi for inviting us down … It's always good to meet with folks on the same journey!

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