Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just what is an inundated Calvinist?

I've never taken the space to explain the title of this weblog, The Inundated Calvinist.  I hit on this name long before blogging was a force, in fact, several years before we had Internet service.  There are several facets to it, so when I set up my Blogger account, I decided to finally use the name. 
The Calvinist label refers to my doctrinal beliefs, which are conservative, evangelical, and thoroughly in line with the tradition of the Reformation. 
The "inundation" refers to a particular expression of that Calvinism;  although raised in the Presbyterian church, after a thorough study of the matter in college I became convinced of the "credobaptist" position, that is, baptism administered only to believers, and that by immersion rather than sprinkling.  An "inundated Calvinist", then, is a tongue-in-cheek name for a Reformed Baptist believer.
Finally, the "inundation" also refers to my general mode of life; between work, family, and several ministries, I find my days are very, very full.  It's not uncommon to sense the water lapping at the gunwhales as I row.  Of course, a well-laden boat tends to ride low in the water, so I'm not sure I'm ready to lighten the ship yet.

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