Monday, January 08, 2007

Poetry is where you find it

Someone wrote a book on the unintended poetry of Donald Rumsfeld. There is unintended poetry in the Combined Federal Regulations, too. This one is entitled, "Prohibited Threads" -- I've reformatted it slightly to for reading purposes:

Prohibited threads
Cotton thread,
and monofilament thread
of any composition,
will not be accepted
for use
in structural applications
unless demonstrated
to the Commandant
to be equivalent
to standard thread
in durability
in all foreseeable
conditions of use
and stowage.

46 CFR Ch. 1 Sub 164.023-5,
“Thread for Personal Floatation Devices: Performance; standard thread”
(10-1-04 edition)

A later couplet rings with hidden meaning:

Each thread
which complies
with all of the requirements
of a specification listed in table 164.023–5(a)
is assigned Use Codes
1, 2, 3, 4BC, 4RB, and 5 (any).

Got to dig the "5 (any) " conceit.

Really, is there a Use Code 5(any) to be aware of? And did it come out in the floor debate in the House?

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