Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wider circulation

A couple of years ago my column in the November 2003 Greenhouse Report was called "Hard Time Homeschooling".  The point of it was that even when circumstances get tough, we need to keep on with our commitment to home education for the sake of our children, and not let ourselves be overwhelmed by events.  It got the most response of any column I've written to date -- I think because all of us either go through these times, or know someone who has, or can imagine facing hard decisions like that and wondering how to deal with it all.
I mentioned the column and the basic argument in an online discussion with other state leaders following the landfall of Katrina, and to my surprise a number of them have requested permission to reprint it in their own publications.  To date they include:
Christian Home Educators' Fellowship of Oklahoma
S.C. Home Educators Association
Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
Ontario Christian Home Educators' Connection (Canada)
Indiana Association of Home Educators
and Dr. Brian Ray's e-mail newsletter (he's blogging but doesn't know it yet -- all the writing and research is going into the e-mail so he may as well put it where everybody can see it).  Kind of flattering -- I hope they all find it useful.

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