Saturday, December 31, 2005

Time at the end of the year

Our company provides a page on their intranet for tracking the hours volunteered for community organizations.  Every so often they hold a drawing for a small prize, and sometimes they recognize service in different areas -- the company really likes the American Cancer Society and local food banks, I think, but no matter.  For whatever it's worth, I put in my hours from month to month too.
They clear out the database after the first of the year, so Friday I checked my time to see the total for 2005.  According to my own count -- and if anything, I suspect it's lower than the actual -- I've put in something like twelve hours a week, average, for the past year:
John Locke Foundation = 10 hours  (mainly a presentation I did - I can't count time for Carolina Journal articles)
Johnston County Republican Party = 22 hours
S.C. Home Educators Association = 25 hours
North Carolinians for Home Education = 544 hours
Total = 601 hours
Observation:  Don't underestimate the impact of "community service", whether freely volunteered or assigned as a judicial sentence!

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