Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Forcing an issue

What's the cynical philosophy, that the warranty period on an appliance is scientifically determined to be just inside the expected failure point?  We're working on the corollary which applies to cellular phones and their contracts.  With six weeks to go on the original two-year service agreement, my wife is nursing one phone with a broken screen, no, the old phone can't be re-activated because it doesn't have GPS capability, and no, the screens aren't interchangeable. 

Just today, mine fell out of the car into a gravel parking lot (scratches on the screen) and not ten minutes ago, jumped feet first into a mug full of coffee on my desk (don't ask).  I've shaken about a teaspoon of decaf, two Splenda, two creamers, out of the innards and disassembled the phone, which is now air drying in a vertical position beside my pencil sharpener.

Just six more weeks is all we need.

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Chris said...

Actually, they still manage to work pertty well, even after they have been under water for a little while. If you can get it to dry, it should be okay.

Mine fell into the toilet and after contemplating how to pull it out, it still worked when fully dried off.
That was over a year ago.

Good luck on your six weeks.