Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Number One again

This time in "globalization", according to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology's "Globalization Index <> ". Actually, it is based on some reasonable statistics and indices <> , so it might be useful to somebody.

According to their data <> , the U.S. tops the list for Political Globalization (just ahead of the U.K. and France), w-a-y ahead of Canada on Social Globalization, and comfortably in front of Sweden on the overall Globalization Index. On the Economic Globalization, we drop to number 28, between the U.K. and Kuwait; Luxembourg is inexplicably high, but China and Ireland are next.

The least "global"? Saudi Arabia, overall.

(HT: Division of Labour <> , cross posted on <a href="">The Locker Room</a>

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