Monday, October 09, 2006

2006 Uniting Church & Family Conference wrap-up

The 2006 edition of this event is now history and we're back from St. Louis after an all-night, 840-mile drive (eighteen hours and seven states), made much easier by the fellowship of the saints we enjoyed. Special thanks are due to Hope Baptist Church elder Jason Dohm who provided the van and much of the windshield time, assisted on the return trip by church planters Eddie Burroughs and Dan Horn. Sincere thanks to our friend and sponsor for the conference, Scott Brown, Jason's fellow elder at Hope and director of the National Council of Family-Integrated Churches, both for putting together such a great conference and for making our trip possible; may God richly bless you, Brother.

The posts below this are lengthy and Blogger requires some dancing in html to offer compressed posts ("Click here to read more") so I'm offering this as an index. I was not at the Conference as a journalist so I didn't try to cover every speaker and session, but did the best I could with the sessions I needed to hear. Due to a delay en route we missed the opening sessions Thursday but I can highly recommend Voddie Baucham's message for those who may get the CD.

Reports from the 2006 Uniting Church & Family Conference
St. Louis, MO - October 5-7, 2007

Friday, October 6

Alexander Strauch: Biblical eldership

Doug Phillips: The Reformation heritage of this movement

Scott Brown: Why the church should adopt this reformation

Don Hart and Wade Myers: Practical considerations when starting a church

William Einwechter: Should women be permitted to fill the role of deacon?

Panel Discussion: Do family-centered churches slight evangelism?

Kevin Swanson on building ministries of relationship ("Our Greatest Strength")

Saturday, October 7

William Einwechter on the covenantal nature of the local church

Jeff Pollard on the Puritans' vision of family worship

Scott Brown on Biblical thinking for the marriages of our sons and daughters

Closing Panel: Part 1 and Part 2

Caveats: I did my best to record the speakers' thoughts accurately but I'm not a professional transcriptionist. When it was very close, I put it in "quotations", plain text was summarized as we went along, and [my interpolations] are in braces. If you want to reference anything, particularly quotations from books or historical figures, from these postings, I suggest you use my notes only as a reference -- verify the exact wording from another source, or contact the speakers directly. My apologies to anyone who feels they were incorrectly quoted; contact me through the comment field and I'll make any needed corrections.

Update 9:41 a.m.: I looked up Blogger's instructions for compressed posts. Never mind.

Update 10/10/06: Comments on the Conference from Doug's Blog:

Doug Phillips recaps his presentation on the history of the Sunday School movement

Photos from the conference

Alexander Strauch on the plague of talebearing (from his comments in the closing panel)

Voddie Baucham defending the family integrated church model (photos and report)

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