Sunday, June 24, 2007

Principle Over Pragmatism

I wonder how many people have died because someone else made a "pragmatic" decision. In this case, at least three people lived because someone chose principle instead.

Sunday marked a momentous Father's Day for Ryan Morrison of Minnesota and Bryan Masche of Arizona. Both men recently had become fathers — to six babies each.

Their wives conceived using fertility drugs that increase the risk of multiple births, and both delivered sextuplets prematurely last week. All six Masche children are alive. Three of the Morrison children have died.

The couples have more in common than their sextuplets. Both rejected medical advice that they selectively reduce — abort — at least three fetuses to improve the health prospects of the others. As Morrison explained on, "We understand that the risk is high, but we also understand that these little ones are much more than six fetuses. Each one of them is a miracle given to us by God. He knows each one of them by name, and we will trust Him absolutely for their lives and health."
The other father shared this viewpoint:

When asked by Newsweek why they kept their sextuplets, Masche said, "We'd been trying for three years, and my wife had had two miscarriages. And how do you choose which heartbeat you want to stop? … God doesn't make mistakes. … He creates all life for a particular reason."


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