Thursday, June 28, 2007

Psalms and politics

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh made a connection between the demand for immigrant workers, 20 million of whom are here illegally, and the dearth of people created by our liberalization of abortion law in 1972 -- 23.8 million who would have been 18 years or older this year, according to statistics for 1973-1989 from the Alan Guttmacher Institute (

Psalm 94 speaks to this situation, and I'd be worried if I were part of the movement to keep abortion "safe and legal".

LORD, how long will the wicked,
How long will the wicked triumph?

They slay the widow and the stranger,
And murder the fatherless.

[My question - what percentage of abortions are performed on unwed mothers?]

Yet they say, “The LORD does not see,
Nor does the God of Jacob understand.”

Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law,
Have fellowship with You?
They gather together against the life of the righteous,
And condemn innocent blood. ...

The LORD our God shall cut them off.

(Psalm 94:3, 6, 20-21, 23)

Will candidates who think politics transcend morality please take note? Will voters?

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