Saturday, July 14, 2007

Busy This Week

Looking at the last post I see it's been a week already. It's been a busy one; our brightest new prospective customer has been in Atlanta for back-to-back trade shows the past two weeks and sending very encouraging reports from our samples he is showing. The latest was a scramble today to put together a novelty-sort of hanging tag to display one product on the retailer's shelves -- due to technical and timing difficulties, I had to run the tags 45 miles away, to the other side of Raleigh, to catch a late drop off for Monday delivery. But that was just last night and today ....

I've also been catching up on a few of the other accounts that had to coast a few days while we handled last minute issues with the new customer. There may be an interesting follow up to the school bus story as well.

Not to miss the family holiday on Thursday, either -- wife Melanie and I took the afternoon off to celebrate our 21st anniversary with a visit to Raven Rock park, a hike down to the Cape Fear River, then dinner at a favorite local Chinese restaurants. (Too bad we haven't found a good Shanghai dumpling nearby; the closest I've met is actually in Wadesboro, of all places)

In the meantime, I finished Dorothy Hughes' biography of Erle Stanley Gardner, The Case of the Real Perry Mason. This was a re-read, but more interesting now that I'm writing more, considering a book project, and eagerly following my brother Davis' purchase of a publishing company (only thirteen days to closing now ...) Gardner was a prodigiously productive writer, turning out a full novel in four days or less, routinely, but at the cost of nearly anything resembling a family life. This is plainly and unblinkingly described in the book so there's a balance to the "wow".

Possibly more later including a movie review but I'm finishing preparation for a sermon tomorrow.

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