Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Outdoing Themselves, Unfortunately

I was returning from a quick business trip to Charlotte and needed supper on the road. Being somewhat in the wilds of south-central North Carolina the choices were a bit limited but I remembered the deli counter at Wal-Mart had prepared food that at least offered variety from the hamburger chains.

Sure enough, there were several possiblities on display, including one I tentatively matched with the menu board as "boneless buffalo wing bites" or something of that sort.

I asked the young woman behind the counter what "that" item was.

"Chicken chunks," she replied.

Really... She confirmed it when I repeated it back to her.

The price was okay and I've paid twice as much for worse food on many occasions, especially on business trips. "Chicken chunks" it is, I suppose, technically correct, like a butcher shop that advertises "pieces of dead animals", but it's not astute marketing.

Wal-Mart tops itself again, courtesy another untrained or inattentive employee. A shame, really; the "chunks" weren't bad.

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