Monday, September 10, 2007

Bookstores Form The Rings of Smithfield

I have an offer to do a book review for publication but it's due this week, so I needed to get a copy of the book right away -- no second hand copies from Amazon this time. A search of the big bookstore chains yielded the head-scratching discovery that there are three Barnes & Nobles stores between 29.1 and 29.33 miles from Smithfield, and a fourth at 27.9 miles.

Borders has two stores located at 32.7 and 33.2 miles.

Books A Million is at 26.6 and 32.7 miles.

And if you go another two miles out, you can catch about three more stores.

In other words, there are no big bookstores within 25 miles, but eight of them in a band about five miles wide and thirty miles away, like rocks in the rings of Saturn. And they're not all in Raleigh, by any means. Go figure.

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Promise Christian Academy said...

I have often wished for a big bookstore to be closer! If I could choose, it would be B-n-N... they give a teacher's discount to homeschoolers. You do know about the little one at the outlets, right?
Enjoy your blog...even if you are a guy :0)
H. Manriquez