Saturday, November 03, 2007

Update: To be fair

I'm into day six of my experience in serious cross-cultural collegiality, and I probably need to say everyone has been really really nice about it. Everyone is trying to be very accommodating of everyone else, so we sometimes turn into a very indecisive group. ("Oh, anything's okay with me." "No, really, wherever you want is fine.") But we're doing fine. We managed to add two drivers on the rental car so there's at least the freedom to go somewhere if you need to -- not that anyone has, you know, it's just good to have the freedom.

One very helpful discovery is The Clay Pit, a restaurant owned by a Punjabi family in Murphfreesboro. It's too far to make it for lunch, but it's just right for supper, and we've been twice this week already. Everything is a la carte so we end up with everyone ordering an entree and we all share. Everything so far has been very good, and I think my Indian colleagues enjoy being the hosts, so to speak. I'm trying to go with their recommendations, since I don't know much at all about the names of these dishes (other than "curry" and "tandoori"). Here's what we've had so far:

Paneer pakora
Samosa chaat
Tandoori chicken
Paneer makhani
Daal makhani
Vagharelli daal
Chicken saag
Chicken biryani
Vegetable biryani
Na'an (with and without garlic)
Tandoori roti
and for dessert, gulab jasmun

We also had a yoghurt and mango milkshake called Lassi this evening

A nice break from salad bars for all of us.

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