Monday, November 07, 2005

Benefit No. 2937 of Having a Large Family

At the N.C. State Fair recently, several of us were taking a break outside a livestock display and watching the front of the "World's Largest Steer" exhibit, which frankly didn't have the world's largest audience. 

After a while, the proprietor came across the street to us and asked, "What are you guys about?"  We were wearing our blue "uniform" shirts which help with crowd control and team identity in busy venues. 

When we explained we were all one family, he did some quick math and said, "Tell you what -- the whole family can come see Big Jim for $5" … which we did.  It really was a very big steer, certainly the biggest I've ever had my portrait made with -- but when the passers-by saw eight or nine people (us) coming out of the exhibit, curiosity took hold and business picked up.  Mission accomplished?

Benefit No. 2937:  Sometimes you can serve as an advertising gimmick.

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