Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Unintended humor 11/30/05

Whether you are on a business trip, on excursion or have moved to a different region, PDA Church List will help you find quickly a local church in your neighborhood and never miss spending time in the presence of God.

So goes the plug for a Palm OS program I read about today. Thankfully, those of us working for an omnipresent God and enjoying the practical benefits of "the priesthood of believers" aren't dependent on particular holy spots to interact with the Almighty. But beyond that, this program is a directory of "more than 14,000 Churches and 43 Denominations worldwide".

Of course, if you are including forty-three denominations, you definitely need this special feature:

* Error Tolerance Search …

because even though there may in fact be forty-three distinct Baptist denominations alone, there's still a wide range of theology in that group.

But wait … before you rush to download this useful program, read the definition: what they mean is an error-tolerant search function, for finding results even if you do not know the exact spelling.

No help in predicting the results of the teaching, even if you do not know the exact doctrinal standing. Another opportunity missed …

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