Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who are you hanging with?

Recently I was fed up with the host on talk radio going home so I scanned to a nearby station. The one I landed on was playing to the "Loser" demographic -- the commercial stack at the top of the hour included, in this order,

  • a car dealer marketing to people with bad credit ("a car for your lifestyle"),
  • an online computer dealer who also promotes to people with bad credit,
  • an Internet business opportunity ("we do all the work, you make all the money! Send for free CD"), and
  • an ad for a municipal referendum for no less than eight separate bond issues ("to build the Durham we all deserve"), i.e. more deficit spending.

This did not make me want to hang around this station long.  My usual listening is funded by home improvement companies, mortgage lenders, and professional practices … though every demographic, I suppose, is out shopping for wheels.

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