Monday, April 09, 2007

John Edwards, one of N.C.'s newest

UPDATE: An unashamed crossposting from The Locker Room:

John and Elizabeth Edwards have announced their intention of joining 33,690 other North Carolina families in a rapidly-growing phenomenon. Elizabeth told Newsweek this week:

I think we've pretty much settled on what it is we're going to do. I think the children will finish out the school year and then, in the fall, they'll travel with us. We will home-school them. We'll employ a tutor to travel with us to help teach them. I hope it will be an extraordinary experience for them.

I'm sure it will be. I'm no fan of Edwards, but I applaud their decision.

Admittedly, hiring a tutor is more like the education enjoyed by wealthy families from time immemorial, than the largely middle-class, single-income homeschooling mainstream ... more Theodore Roosevelt than Abraham Lincoln, to put it in presidential terms ... but as long as the parents are in ultimate charge of the program, more power to them, I say.

John does demonstrate one minor problem of life in the public eye when he told
We haven't even talked to the children about it, which we have to do.

Oops. Uh, kids, about those news stories ...


[1] In case anyone's wondering, John asserts that evolution will be part of the curriculum, though the question said more about the liberal media's assumptions than about Edwards or homeschooling generally. Interesting there was no question about algebra, creative writing, or a million other academic options.

[2] Not that comparing John Edwards to two Republican presidents means anything political, understand.

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