Saturday, April 21, 2007

More On The Radio

I was listening to public radio somewhere on the Nebraska-Colorado state line last month -- I think it was just past Peetz -- and heard two absolutely stunning sentences. The announcers on "All Things Considered" need to remember the listener can't see the punctuation, and if they're not going to vocalize the periods and commas like Victor Borge, they have to make it clear some other way.

At the station break, we heard:

"Next, NASA weighs the Theory of Relativity and your letters."

No kidding? Oh, on Thursday they read their email.

And so introducing one of the letters (one which NASA, incidentally, neglected to weigh), they referred to an earlier story

"... our story about a man suffering from Alzheimer's and his wife ..."

If anything, she was probably suffering from him.

Honestly, guys.

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