Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Economies of Scale

Go figure. I had a product sample to send to a potential vendor in Raleigh, not an hour away from here, and realized that it would cost me $16 and change to drive it over to him, but DHL would deliver it for $5.51. Remarkable. So I packaged it up and sent it out on Friday, thinking how odd but economically logical it was to send this 8 oz. package to an address in the next county, using the same international express company that we use for China.

This morning, I discover that for DHL, the route from Smithfield to Raleigh passes through Roanoke, Virginia. In fact, the package went through the Raleigh facility on its way to the Roanoke Hub, where it was processed and put back on the truck to Raleigh.

I thought it was just the Postal Service that did things like that. And I still saved $11.

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