Thursday, July 31, 2008

This man stole my lines

Earl Pendleton stole one of my better lines.

Occasionally some one will ask if there is anything homeschoolers simply can't do. My stock response -- for a time -- was that homeschoolers are doing great on individual sports and sports with small teams, basketball in particular, but football -- probably not. After all, it's one thing to find five or six high schooled homeschoolers with size, interest, and ability. Eleven and more? Not really likely.

Well, Earl killed that answer about five years ago. I'm sitting at a practice field for the Raleigh branch of his Homeschool Football League, watching varsity, JV, and "Mighty Mite" teams working out in heat and humidity, running the same drills I went through at their age. Somehow, Earl found a way to get those interested students together with enough coaches, equipment, and organization to make it all work -- for several years running, now.

Hats off, gentlemen -- a true servant!

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