Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sitting in the Governor's Chair

I'm currently sitting in the North Carolina governor's chair.

That is, it used to be his, or more specifically, part of his office furniture. I'm working from my home office and needed a new desk chair, so last time I was in Raleigh, I went by the state surplus property warehouse and picked one out. Anyone who has worked in a typical office can picture precisely what used up and cast off chairs there are to select from -- generally ranging from broken to "butt-ugly" as one family member described it, though we did get a deal on a courtroom "lawyer's chair" a while back so it is always worth checking.

The one I selected was a little out of fashion but otherwise solid, clean, and not worn. I paid $6 for it and my son Caleb and I wrestled it into the back of our Jeep Wrangler for the trip home.

To my surprise, when I was carrying in the door, I noticed the state property tag on the underside read, "Office of the Governor".

Ipso facto, the governor's chair.

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