Monday, May 07, 2007

Everything is Under Control

The sermon yesterday at church was on the arrest of Jesus in Matthew 26:47-56 (parallels in Mark, Luke, and John).

One of the major points that Dave brought out was that throughout the event, Jesus remained in charge, a fact very clear in John's account how a simple word from Him literally flattened the entire force brought to take Him into custody. He was not overwhelmed nor surprised by their numbers, but consented to the entire undertaking that the Scriptures might be fulfilled, even clearing the way for His disciples' escape.

On that last matter, it is a continual amazement to me how many layers of God's Providence are unfolded in Scripture -- how He that ordains ends also ordains the means, and while God is sovereign in all things, yet His creatures bear responsibility for their own choices and actions, even as they fulfill prophecy of centuries before.

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