Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

The Church of Norway (I would assume "lutheran" with a small L) recently held a one-day conference with Muslim imams, billed as "Shoulder to Shoulder". The meeting ended on a disappointing note -- the priests v. imams soccer game was cancelled when the Muslims objected to playing soccer with women priests, and the priests decided "it would send the wrong signal" to agree to a man-to-man match.

Well, good for them. If it took the issue of ordination of women, something even Christians argue about, to force a stand of no compromise with members of a faith group that denies the divinity and resurrection of Jesus, I wonder what agreements the Church did offer that day.

As far as the end game, I'd ask the question, "Which religious leaders were holding to the historic tenets of their faith?"

My guess, to put it in soccer terms, would be Imams 1, Priests 0.

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