Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where Do You Begin?

WRAL is reporting that the suspect in an armed robbery in Duplin County was shot and killed following a 130-mph chase through four counties, ending when he emerged from his disabled vehicle with a weapon at the intersection of I-40 and the Beltline in Raleigh.

There will be enough said in the next few days about the chase and its conclusion, but I was struck by the sequence of events at its beginning:

1. Stage daring gun-in-the-face daylight gas station hold-up
2. Walk outside and fill up gas tank
3. Flee

God takes no delight in the death of the wicked so I'm not rejoicing in this guy's end. However, it boggles the mind that the bandit would casually top off the petrol while the clerk he just threatened calls the constabulary. It reminds me of one of Dorothy Sayers' novels, Unnatural Death, where Lord Peter asks his Scotland Yard friend Charles Parker just where we'd be if criminals were not so stupid in the end.

Or could this have been a suicide by law enforcement?

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