Monday, December 10, 2007

Endorsement Watch 12-10-07

Theologian Wayne Grudem endorses Mitt Romney as the conservative candidate most likely to beat Giuliani.

"I strongly disagree with a significant number of Mormon theological beliefs, which I find to be inconsistent with the Bible and with historic Christian teachings. But many Mormon teachings on ethics and values are similar to those in the Bible, and those teachings support Romney’s conservative political values," says Grudem.


Ken said...

Shouldn't we endorse a candidate based on their core values and beliefs and ability to govern rather then their ability to defeat another candidate we don't like? Or is that oversimplifying things?

Hal said...

I don't think it oversimplifies, Ken. You might qualify it to say "expected" ability to govern, in some cases, but I basically agree with you. At present I'm leaning more toward Thompson, who seems more driven by conservative principle, than Huckabee, whom my fellow homeschoolers and evangelicals seem most excited about.

I have been surprised at the number of people who are promoting candidates as the one to beat members of their own party, let alone the projected opposition nominee. The danger of a bitter primary fight is the chance that the nominee will have nothing left for the run up to the general election, and November '08 is not going to be about Giuliani and Huckabee or any other GOP hopeful - it's going to be one Republican, one Democrat. Can't forget that.

To paraphrase a Pixar character, this is turning into a sad, strange little election. It isn't improving yet, as far as I've seen.