Friday, December 28, 2007

Endorsement Watch 12-28-07

It's been quiet the last few weeks so I haven't been posting on this thread. However, Robert Novak's column on Huckabee's mixed reception among fellow Southern Baptists pointed out one I missed: Judge Paul Pressler, a conservative leader among Texas Baptists, endorsed Fred Thompson on December 7.

The former Texas Court of Appeals judge said he believes Thompson is a true conservative and can win.

"Fred Thompson has the experience, convictions and dedication to make him a great candidate and a great president," Pressler said in a statement released by the Thompson campaign. "He knows Washington but is not part of the Washington system. Fred is the consistent conservative in the presidential race and is the most electable."

Meanwhile, an op-ed from months ago, lauding the death of the Religious Right, is still being published as current, most recently on December 26 in the Westminster, MD Community News:
Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee, the only ordained Baptist minister in the race, is
almost totally ignored by his fellow Christians .... Huckabee’s only evangelical
endorsement comes from Tim LaHaye, co-author of the “Left Behind” novels — which may be the appropriate title for Huckabee’s campaign.
This has been decidedly untrue for at least six weeks, as I reported a month and a half ago. I'm surprised any news editor is so unaware of the current situation that he would run this column without at least editing that paragraph.

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