Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kitchen dialog

My eldest son, getting ice: "Why are there blue jeans in the freezer?"

Me: "Because somebody gave Seth chewing gum."

A parent will immediately understand.


For those who don't, the explanation was that someone in the van gave Seth some chewing gum, with which he tried (unsuccessfully) to blow a bubble, which resulted instead in blowing the whole wad out of his mouth, which then was lost from view (Me: "How do you lose chewing gum?") until long after he was home and noticed this odd accretion about ankle-high on his new blue jeans. Heloise says freeze it, ipso facto giving gum to a seven-year-old results in blue jeans in the freezer compartment. Makes perfect sense.

UPDATE: They never got really stiff like I expected, but the gum did get tough enough to scrape off with a kitchen knife.

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